Chesterfield Canal


General Information

The fishing sections of Chesterfield Canal are:

Tapton Lock Visitor Centre to St Helena’s – 20 Pegs

Blue Bank to Bilby - 20 Pegs

Bilby to Dixon’s - 37 Pegs

Hollingwood to Mill Green - 26 Pegs

Mill Green - 17 Pegs

Morrisons Bank - 10 Pegs

Staveley Basin - 8 Pegs

The Chesterfield Canal is around 4-5 foot at the deepest and has a clay bottom.

Car parking at Tapton Lock Visitor Centre to St Helena’s is roadside parking only (this may change in the near future)

Car parking at Blue Bank to Bilby & Bilby to Dixon’s is via Hollingwood Access, there are parking spaces for more than 12 cars, a club key is required to access the gate at Hollingwood Hub

Car parking at Mill Green, Morrison's Bank and Staveley Basin is at the DCC carpark at Mill Green or Morrisons Superstore Car park, no key is required.

The fish stocks are generally very good, though fish do move up and down the canal, the quality and size of fish are also very good. 

The Pond holds Carp, Bream, Ide, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Pike and Tench. There are also a lot of hybrid species. The Chesterfield Canal is a relatively easy water to fish.

Open all year.

Fish from dawn to dusk Only

Only 5lb maximum of ground bait to be used

Day tickets are available to non-members at a cost of £5 per day (max two rods)

Keys are available at £20 each for parking at Hollingwood Hub and Bilby Bridge.

No night fishing is allowed on the Chesterfield Canal.