meet the committee


John Marsh-

John chairs meetings. including the AGM. He also attends numerous meetings throughout the year with DCC Countryside Services in regards to the licenses and maintenance by our ponds on DCC land- like the Woodside ponds and Chesterfield Canal.


Ron Trevis- 

Ron looks after the money side of things for the club. He sorts invoices for when we purchase things such as the permits for renewal nights.

General Secretary

Paul Clayton-

Along with John Marsh and Ron, Paul speaks to organisations such as DCC and the Angling Trust making sure our memberships are renewed. He also attends the DCC meetings.

Membership Secretary

Glyn Reddish- 

Glyn runs the membership side of things for WAC. He runs the renewal nights and issues all permits associated with the club. He works closely with Alex to ensure things are advertised and turned around quickly. 

If anyone ever has any queries regarding memberships Glyn is the best person to contact. 

Media and Communications

Alex Reddish- 

Often mistaken for a boy when she's really a girl, Alex is responsible for the design and maintenance of the website, Facebook page and email account.

Whenever we receive any form of communication from members and non-members Alex responds to all of these. She gets out and about within the fishing community making connections with companies to boost the profile of the club. 

Alex is working hard to try and boost the number of juniors members in the club.


Frank Smith- 

Frank has been a member of WAC since the club was founded in 1947. He has seen the club through thick and thin over the years and long may it continue! 

Senior Match Secretary

Reed Bradshaw- 

Fresh to the committee in Summer 2018, Reed organises the matches that we hold on weekends. He then writes match reports and sends these over to Alex so she can publish them. 

General Committee

The general committee is currently made up of three members-

John Lewis- former Secretary, John has been vital to the shaping of the club over his many years. 

Les Smith- also a bailiff on our waters, Les helps to maintain some of our waters. 

Dave Smith- also a bailiff, Dave helps Les to maintain some own our waters. 


We currently have vacancies on the committee for a Junior Match Secretary and a Disabled Representative as well as general committee vacancies. 

To express your interest or for more information please use the contact us form on the website, send a letter to the General Secretary or email us at